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First off, here are SIX specifications that I always insist on knowing before deciding!

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Fill Power
Oxygen Number
Net Down Content
Comforter Style
Sewn Through
Baffle Box
Baffle Box
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Date: Friday, April 3, 2020

Dear Fellow Comfort Seeker,

If you are like me, relaxing at night after a long day of work is key to re-energizing yourself. You want to be able to softly lull yourself to sleep and rid yourself of the daily grind.

Being comfortable AND staying warm can be a tough go... especially during those long cold winter nights. Being cool in the summer can also turn out to be a great challenge, even if you only have just a sheet;

Speaking from personal experience, my sleep never seemed to be the best that it could be, until I found the secret.

Now that I know how to harness the insulating power of luxury goose down, those restless nights are never a problem anymore! My sleeps are sound even on the warmest of summer nights!

It is no mystery that folks around the world know all too well how extremely deep and frosty cold the Canadian Winters can be! So growing up in central Canada, I know exactly how to brave the year round elements because...

Canadian Weather demands the absolute best in thermal
protection as conditions can be the worst to bear
-- Ranging from Very HOT in the summer to Very COLD in the winter, where the Mercury dips well below -40 Degrees (YES that IS below ZERO)!

To endeavor the powerful winter blast up in Canada, true braveness from only the fiercest of beings has been a pre-requisite ever since the beginning of time ~ ~ ~ but not anymore!

I have discovered the secret to that oh-so-perfect balance of winter warmth, along with a light weight, silky soft touch feeling that will allow you to sleep as sound as a baby through all of winter's blues!

The perfect balance is natural and truly hypo-allergenic...
It is truly revealing and very amazing!

If you're one of those people who never settles for less than the best in anything you do and if you're not getting the best possible sleep that you can, chances are pretty good that you are not performing at your peak level everyday!

Well guess what? That promotion... Or that raise... Or that big meeting... Or even that all important sporting event you have coming up is counting on you to be at your physical and mental best!

How about if you're a Mom and you're running the kids, the family and even a business? Don't you think that the best nights sleep is totally essential to you?

How would you like to have the secret that
actually gives you an edge?

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, trying to fall asleep, but you just can't get comfortable? Well STOP tossing and turning! You just don't need to anymore!

NO MORE tossing and turning. From now on you can wake up only once... That is, in the morning, and be completely and totally rested! WOO HOO! Yes indeed, it makes a whole world of difference in your day!

How I can make this bold statement? Well let me explain some of the science that gives you that edge and the peace that goes with it. Mind you, if a little Warm & Wild is the call of the winter, well... This might just be your secret to winter charms with the one you love too!

If you are already willing to add this next phase of ultimate luxury and comfort to your lifestyle, then please, don't wait any longer!

Kick start your lifestyle and put everything else on cruise control right here!

Your life will immediately be changed forever!

Everyone always asks me, "What the heck is the difference between one goose and the other? And what is a goose down duvet, other than just an expensive trinket that my wife wants to spend a ton of money on? It's just a blanket right?"

Well I can tell you, there are a few very happy men out there who would like you to know just how their life has improved as a result of having this luxury "trinket", for them AND for their wives!

Just imagine, waking up refreshed and revived every morning... When you go to bed at night, you know that you will be completely fresh and ready to go do what every you have to that day, so you don't mind staying up for that extra time of pleasure! Never having to use the old, "Honey, I'm too tired" excuse anymore!

I am going to show you precisely how to overcome the changing weather so you can sleep comfortable each & every night for the rest of your life... without having to put 20 pounds of blankets on top of you in the winter OR throw away all of your covers in the summer!

Let me give you the science of logic and reason behind it all...

If you have found yourself searching all over, trying to discover exactly what is meant by terms in the goose down luxury bedding market such as Fill Power, Turbidity, Net Down Content and Baffle Box, along with countless others, you are definitely not alone!

Here are a few definitions I have put together to aid you in your search for comfort!

I am going to hand you the exact information you need to properly educate yourself in the ever so vast goose down comforter and luxury bedding market. You will learn how to compare properly and will know which item will give you the best night of sleep, without breaking your bank!

Goose Down Filling Power... What exactly is it?

Fill Power is the "Number One" factor when determining the quality of ANY down filled product! Fill power is measured in "Cubic Inches per Ounce" Basically, fill power is how much volume one ounce of goose down will occupy after it has been compressed and then has been allowed to expand again.

The higher the fill power number is, the larger and stronger the goose down clusters are! With high fill power goose down, you need LESS weight of goose down to keep your body insulated the same as you would with a low fill power goose down.

Let me give you an example... Say you were looking at a goose down comforter with a fill power of 700 and it has a filling weight of 50oz. To get the exact same insulating value from a goose down comforter that has 550 fill power, you might need a filling weight of 75oz or more.

That is, if the goose down is cleaned to the same standards... a lesser quality standard goose down at a lesser fill power multiplies the weight you need for the same insulation value.

When you have a high fill power goose down such as 700 fill power, your goose down comforter will last at least 237% longer than those "el-cheap-o's" (uurrrggg) that I see so frequently flaunted on the market these days!

Most Common Fill Powers

Extremely Cheap - Very Poor Quality. Will flatten out very quickly. This type is almost 100% guaranteed to be Duckling down!
Most Common - Good Quality. Beware that you are not getting Duck down when searching for Goose down in this fill power category.
Excellent Quality - Will loft up and breathe properly to allow you a comfortable sleep. Will last many, many years.
Super Amazing Quality - This is a rare fill power and is not widely marketed. This type of goose down will last your entire lifetime. Comes mostly from Canada!

High fill power goose down WILL keep your
body at its optimum resting temperature!

Goose down expands to maximum loft and creates the ultimate insulating barrier between your body and the outside temperature that you are sleeping in. Ultimately, it is trapping YOUR body heat between you and the goose down comforter, thus blocking the surrounding environment out!

Goose down that has expanded properly, breathes and maintains your body at its optimum resting temperature. This aids in effectively maximizing you blood circulation so you mind rests well all through the night. With the right goose down fill power, you will rest easy all night long and feel totally rejuvenated each and every morning.

You are NOT allergic to Goose Down! Allergies to goose
down are simply a Myth, let me explain the Truth!

If you are like the many thousands of people out there that "claim" they are allergic to goose down & feathers so you do everything possible to avoid being around them, or even worse yet... you won't even go into the same house that has goose down comforters, I am about to blow your mind with this information... NOBODY IN THE WORLD IS ALLERGIC TO GOOSE DOWN, INCLUDING YOU!

To be brutally honest with you, it is the dust, dirt and dust mites that are left in the goose down after it has been cleaned at the washing factories that people are allergic to. Some companies spray a chemical Sanitizer on their goose down so they can claim it to be 'Sanitized' (disgusting)... Who wants to sleep with a blanket that was embalmed with a can of raid! Be very cautious about obtaining products that are marked as "Sanitized" or "Chemically Treated".

Goose down comforters that are "Truly" Hypoallergenic

The term "truly hypoallergenic" goose down is one that I use to differentiate between just that, truly hypoallergenic goose down and the goose down that people just claim is hypoallergenic or allergy free.

If you ask me, the phrases "Hypoallergenic Goose Down" and "Allergy Free Goose Down" are way too loosely used in this industry. According to standards widely accepted throughout North America, to call a goose down item "hypoallergenic", the goose down must achieve a minimum Turbidity level of 500 along with an maximum Oxygen Count of 4.8.

Let me tell you something else... These levels are NOT CORRECT to be "truly hypoallergenic"! After extensive lab testing, I have found that the turbidity MUST achieve a minimum level of at least 800 and a maximum oxygen number of 3.5 to be 100% clean of all dust, dirt and mites!

I have tested lots of goose down for cleanliness in my career, so I know what to look for in a goose down comforter and other goose down bedding products. I have also had certification with the world famous International Down & Feather Testing Laboratory located in Salt Lake City, UT.

Discover truly hypoallergenic & chemical free Goose Down!

These phenomenal results have been proven through many years of research and development, to have completely removed ALL of the dust and dirt from goose down. The allergies are quite literally washed away!

Sterilization is time vs. temperature. In addition to being extensively washed, rinsed and tested, truly hypoallergenic goose down is becomes 100% sterile only when that washing is combined with a specialized drying process. With the high level of cleaning through the washing cycle, allergy freeness of all products is further guaranteed through a drying cycle similar to this...

By heating your goose down to over 275 degrees Fahrenheit and holding that state for a minimum of 20 minutes within the dryer, you are double guaranteed "truly hypoallergenic" goose down!

Baffle Box goose down comforters keep
your entire body in comfort!

Of the many styles of goose down comforters on the market, the "Baffle Box" type is the absolute best for your ultimate comfort! Always look for these, let me explain why...

A baffle box is a three dimensional box, not a tube and not a tightly held together sewn through box or pretty diamond shape. Remember, goose down needs to expand in order to provide proper insulation for you. A sewn through comforter cannot allow the goose down to expand properly because it restricts the lofting ability.

Baffle boxes are called what they are because they are constructed with internal baffle walls. Some baffle walls are a little higher and some are a little lower than others. We have found that a 1.5" baffle wall height works the most effectively with high quality goose down.

Baffle walls allow your goose down to expand to its maximum loft with no restrictions whatsoever. Because the baffle walls are made to form this 3-D box, they hold the goose down precisely where it is meant to be... on top of you!

You will experience no hot spots or cold spots with a baffle box goose down comforter for the simple reason that the goose down is perfectly distributed all of the time and is expanded properly.

Sleep through every night in natural ecstasy!

If you love the new born, baby soft touch feeling, then choosing goose down comforters & covers with high quality cover materials (thread counts) is EXTREMELY important! Having good quality cotton materials with high thread counts will ensure that you're down proof cover will be extremely soft on your delicate skin!

A high thread count gives you an amazing feeling of softness and comfort. If you are after the absolute ultimate in softness, you must consider a cotton & silk blended shell. Don't under estimate the power combination of a silk shell combined with 700+ fill power goose down!

Mother Nature's Most Precious Gem
~ High Quality White Goose Down; The Natural Insulator ~

So you have been searching all over and have been hearing about all different kinds of goose down. I know, I know... You want to know what is the absolutely BEST goose down on the market!

Well, let me break it down for you. There are FOUR major nationalities of goose down. All of them differ for their own reasons and I am going to let you in on a little known secret!

#1 Canadian Goose Down

Well known throughout the world as the BEST goose down available, because of the following factors:
Canadian White Geese!

  • Naturally, it gets VERY cold in Canada!
  • Canadian geese are grown and raised in the heartland of Canada... the wide open prairies which is in the cleanest, freshest environment left in the world for raising livestock;
  • Canadian geese are fed "human food"... this being all natural wheat and barley (remember, they are grown in a major grain belt and raised naturally outdoors on the wide open prairies)!
  • Canadian geese have thousands of acres to graze!
  • Canadian geese are grown larger and stronger than any other domestic goose in the world. They have a breast size that is up to 2 times wider, allowing them to have a stronger, longer lasting goose down layer!
  • Canadian geese are all processed at a world class poultry plant that is USDA, CFIA & EU certified guaranteeing only product from healthy animals is processed!
  • Canadian geese are processed at an age of about 21-24 weeks old and a weight of about 16-18 lbs.
  • There is absolutely no mixing... meaning you want goose down, you've got it, so your product value remains high!
  • Fill power of Canadian goose down reaches OVER 800 fill power! On average, Canadian goose down is minimum 700 fill power and is VERY consistent because it comes from the same breed of geese all the time!
  • The breed... Well, it is a Legarth Super XL White Embden Goose!
  • Something to note about Canadian White Goose Down is the limited quantities available each year of "Aboriginal Goose Down" which is the highest quality Canadian white goose down marketed in the Japanese luxury bedding market.
  • Aboriginal Goose Down can reach fill powers of over 900 cuin/oz and has been sold for many years at prices averaging over US$10,000 per goose down comforter. (Ever wonder what to get the person who has everything? Next time think Aboriginal White Goose Down products)

#2 Hungarian Goose Down

Also well known throughout the world as one of the BEST goose downs available, because of the following factors:

Legarth Goose

Hungarian goose down has been used throughout the world for many, many years.

It is superior in quality, and very connsistant.

The geese are grown larger and stronger than most other domestic geese in the world.

Hungarian goose down averages over 700 cuin/oz.


#3 Polish Goose Down

Very similar to Hungarian & Canadian goose down. The growing and raising specifications differ slightly.

Polish geese are generally grown in tighter flocks resulting in a smaller bird and produce a lesser quality goose down than Hungarian and Canadian.

Much of the Polish goose down is hand harvested. If you are concerned at all about humane animal treatment, beware of "live plucked" geese.

We do not condone this activity at all, and are not suggesting that anyone is still doing it, but figured people should be aware that it may be practiced in some countries!


#4 Chinese Goose Down

Chinese Geese
Chinese geese are the smallest of all domestic raised geese. They have a very active nature, causing them to remain very lean throughout their short life span.

The Chinese goose is generally grown to between 8-12 weeks old resulting in an extremely small breast size and immature goose down.

Chinese goose down is lucky to reach 550 filling power and is very brittle. Almost all goose down products on the market today are filled with this cheap stuff.

For researchers of hard to find information, the Official Latin Name
of a the large white domestic Goose is: "Anser Anser Domesticus"

So now you've learned a lot! If you think your are ready for true Goose Down Luxury Bedding, then be my guest, click here to experience the unreal and natural relaxtion first hand by trying my top picks for your family.

Wait a second... What about "Siberian" Goose Down?

I hear that is supposed to be the 'Best in the World'! Why
didn't you include that in your list of goose down above?

Let me enlighten you on a little secret about Siberian Goose Down... It is ALL marketing HYPE!!

Siberia is not a point of origin for commercial white goose down, as far as I know (along with many of my colleagues in this industry). In reality, the majority of goose down comes from China... making most all of what is on the market fall into the lowest grade category around!

Siberian goose down is merely a trade name that some clever marketer came up with a long time ago. They did this because of the extreme cold weather and vast regions that make up what we all know as Siberia.

But come on, give me a break... do you really think that geese can be reared in those conditions with no high quality sources for food or shelters? Ummmm... NOPE!

You may have heard about a Siberian Goose, well this is a migratory wild bird that leaves when it gets very cold. The wild goose is a colorful one, made up of black and red plumage... not white or even grey!

Be careful if someone tries to sell you a "Siberian Goose Down Comforter" as the filling contents could have originated from anywhere in the world!

You now know what to ask about when determining quality. Remember... Fill Power (must be high), Turbidity (must be high), Net Down Content (must be high), Oxygen Number (must be LOW)!

Where to find a True High Quality Goose Down Comforter...

Within North America, the majority of the high quality goose down comforters go directly to the presidential suites at the finest 5 star luxury hotels and resort.

Others are sold in top end exclusive retail stores... they are a rare commodity on the internet.

If you have ever had a chance to stay at an ultra exclusive resort and could make it into the presidential suite, you will have experienced a "Truly Hypoallergenic & Chemical Free, High Quality Goose Down Comforter".

Don't worry though, I will introduce you to my top picks on this goose down comforters page!

Time is limited on our Luxury Bedding & Goose Down
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I understand that the world is just not a fair place and regular everyday, hard working people like you don't always get the breaks you deserve. I was totally shocked at the fact that we have been completely flooded over the last while with email after email from customers — New & Existing — asking us to extend our "Wrap Up In Luxury" promotion!

Therefore, I have extended it for another three days only. See the update below:

Friday, April 3, 2020

You've arrived at this page just in time to take advantage of my "Wrap Up In Luxury" special promotion extension!

Because you have arrived here under the wire (with only a couple days to spare), you still have a chance to claim the following extra special and ultra amazing deals!

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Given the extremely high quality of these goose down comforters and ultra luxury bedding items, I can ONLY extend the FREE 800 Fill Power Upgrade ($300 Value) until Midnight, so don't delay if you want this FREE upgrade included!

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If you come back to this website and the special offer is gone, there's nothing I can do...

It's simple, right? Just take action now!
Make your all time greatest life improvement...

Now you are totally informed! What an awsome feeling to know everything there is to about remaining comfortably cool in the summer and toasty warm throughout the winter.

Now you are ready to move on and make the perfect decision that will ultimately change your life forever!

Goose Down Comforters

And don't forget... You will receive FREE Ugrade to 800 Fill Power on all Goose Down Comforters when you lock in your order today!

Here's to your comfort, rest and revitalization!

Sweet dreams,

All the best in your quest for a Great Night of Rest... CHEERS!

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